The Devil’s Stop von Scott Blade

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Der Buchtitel „The Devil’s Stop“ vom Autor Scott Blade
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Serie: Jack Widow Band: 10.0#

In an epic journey across America, Jack Widow gets it in his head to visit all of the „devil stops“ that he can find, sites with monikers like Hell’s Kitchen, the Devil’s Lakes, Route 666.That is how he found Hellbent, New Hampshire, a town so small that it’s hard to find on a map.The locals are friendly enough until Widow starts to ask questions about a lonely, unmarked grave he stumbled upon right in the middle of town. Getting no answers, Widow meets a woman who is more out of place than he is: Star Harvard. She is tough, beautiful, smart, and very pregnant. There’s more to Harvard than just being out of place. With no one else to trust she tells Widow that she is on a personal quest of her own. She is desperately searching to find her missing husband, the father of her unborn child, and an Air Force captain, who is supposed to be serving overseas. But according to Harvard’s hired PI, her husband never went abroad. The USAF never deployed him outside of the country. Why would he lie?What’s even more strange is that his last known location is somewhere out in the wilderness surrounding Hellbent.Alone, filled with questions, surrounded by unseen danger and afraid her husband is dead, Harvard’s only hope is Jack Widow. 

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC – Kdp Print Us

Stichworte: Fiction, Action & Adventure,

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